180th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana


Annual Convention: November 3-4

The 180th Convention of the Diocese of the Episcopal Church of Louisiana was held November 3 & 4, 2017 at St. James Episcopal Church, 205 N Fourth St, Baton Rouge, LA.


Pre-Convention Meeting: Wednesday, October 18 at 6 p.m.

The Pre-Convention Meeting was held Wednesday, October 18 at 6 p.m. at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church.

Bishop’s Sermon

Text of Bishop’s Sermon


Annual Committee & Commission Reports



Number Description Purpose Referred to Action
R1 Ecumenical Sunday and Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Observance of Ecumenical Sunday, January 21, 2018 and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, January 18-25, 2018 Resolutions Hearing (Conference Room – Second Floor- St. James Ministry Center) Passed
R2 Amended Create a Missional Review Working Group To create a working group to address the questions of congregational vitality and viability raised in the Assessment Study Committee Report of September 1, 2017 Resolution Hearing (Conference Room – Second Floor- St. James Ministry Center) Passed as Amended
R3 Amend Canon 30, Section 2 To amend Canon 30, Section 2 to provide that the Executive Board of the Diocese will elect the members of the Boards of Trustees of Diocesan Schools. This change requested because Diocesan Convention is now held in the late fall instead of late February or early March. A late fall meeting is too early for the two Diocesan Schools, St. Martin’s Episcopal School and The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, to review the gifts, talents and experience needed for new members and to recruit members to fulfill these needs. The Executive Board is authorized act for the Diocesan Convention between meetings of the Convention. Making the proposed change keeps the decision-making consistent with current polity and allows the Diocesan Schools sufficient time to submit their recommendations to the Bishop so that he can present nominations to the Executive Board by early spring. Constitutional & Canons Hearing (CSF Atrium – Third Floor- St. James Ministry Center) Passed
Courtesy Resolutions Courtesy Resolutions    


Convention Nominations


Marsha Wade, St. James, Baton Rouge (Elected)



Treasurer of the Diocese

The Treasurer is elected by The Convention. The duty of the Treasurer to receive and disburse the funds of The Diocese in accordance with the annual budget. The Treasurer shall make an annual report to The Convention of all sums received and disbursed during the preceding year and shall include in such report a statement of the condition of the assets of each Parish and Diocesan Mission with regard to its annual financial commitment to The Diocese for the work of the Church.




Les Bradfield (Elected)
Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans




Standing Committee: 1 Clerical, 1 Lay



Clerical Nominees – 1 to be elected




The Rev. Fred Devall (Elected)

St. Martin’s, Metairie



Lay Nominees – 1 to be elected




Janice Zitzmann (Elected)

St. Augustine’s, Metairie




Executive Board: 1 Clerical, 2 Lay




Clerical Nominees – 1 to be elected




The Rev. Ashley Freeman (Elected)

St. Patrick’s, Zachary



Lay Nominees – 2 to be elected




Lauren Anderson (Elected)

St. Anna’s, New Orleans



Jonathan Baumann

St. John’s, Thibodaux



Owen Cope (Elected)

St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge




Fred McCullogh

St. Mark’s, Harvey



Joel Webb

Chapel of the Holy Comforter, New Orleans




Sewanee Board of Trustees: 1 Clerical



Clerical Nominees – 1 to be elected



The Rev. Ralph Howe (Elected)
St. James, Baton Rouge

Disciplinary Board: 3 Clerical

Clerical Nominees – 3 to be elected

The Rev. Watson Lamb (Elected)
Chapel of the Holy Spirit, New Orleans

The Rev. Jeff Millican (Elected)
St. Martin’s, Metairie

The Rev. Minka Sprague (Elected)


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