Executive Board

The Executive Board shall have charge of the development and prosecution of the work of the Church, subject to the provisions of the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese and to the direction of The Convention. It shall have the power and authority to implement and carry out the programs and policies adopted by The Convention and to act for The Convention between meetings thereof, except where the authority is reserved to the Standing Committee. The Bishop shall be the executive head of all such work, and the Board shall assist the Bishop in the administration thereof. (Canon 7.1)

Members of the Executive Board

Ex-officio With Vote

  • The Rt. Rev. Morris K. Thompson, Jr., Bishop
  • The Rev. Bryan Owens, President of the Standing Committee (St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge)
  • Marsha Wade, Secretary of the Diocese (St. James, Baton Rouge)
  • Alan Brackett, Treasurer of the Diocese (Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans)

Elected Members With Vote

Class of 2016-2019

  • The Rev. John Craft (Chapel of the Holy Spirit, New Orleans)
  • Penny Dralle (St. George’s Episcopal Church, New Orleans)
  • Shirley Young (Trinity Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge)
 Class of 2017-2020
  • Lauren Anderson (St. Anna’s, New Orleans)
  • Owen Cope (St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge)
  • The Rev. Ashley Freeman (St. Patrick’s, Zachary)
Class of 2018-2021
  • The Very Rev. A.J. Heine (St. Augustine’s, Metairie)
  • John Musser (Trinity Church, New Orleans)
  • David Warrington (St. James, Baton Rouge)

Appointed With Vote

  • Tom Oliver (St. Paul’s, New Orleans)


Ex-officio Without Vote

  • Cove Geary, Chancellor (Christ Church, Covington)
  • Hugh McIntosh, Head of School, Episcopal High School
  • Chris Harrell, School Board Chair, Episcopal High School
  • Merry Sorrells, Head of School, St. Martin’s Episcopal School
  • Stephen Huber, School Board Chair, St. Martin’s Episcopal School

Staff Support Without Vote

  • The Rev’d Canon Shannon E. Manning (Canon to the Ordinary)
  • The Rev’d John Kellogg (Canon Missioner)
  • Chris Speed (Diocesan Administrator)


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