Officers of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana


The Rt. Rev’d Morris K. Thompson, Jr., Eleventh Bishop of Louisiana, serves as President of the Diocese of Louisiana. In case of vacancy or necessary absence of the Bishop, the President of the Standing Committee shall serve as President of the Diocese of Louisiana.


The Secretary serves as Secretary of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and The Convention. It shall be his duty to give timely notice of all annual and special meetings of The Convention, to prepare the list of lay members of The Convention, to record and publish the proceedings of The Convention, to preserve its journals and records, to attest, as occasion may require, its public proceedings, and faithfully to deliver into the hands of his successor all books and papers in his possession relative to the concerns of The Diocese and of The Convention.

Secretary of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, Class of 2018
  • Marsha Wade (St. James Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge)


The Treasurer is elected by The Convention. The duty of the Treasurer to receive and disburse the funds of The Diocese in accordance with the annual budget. The Treasurer shall make an annual report to The Convention of all sums received and disbursed during the preceding year and shall include in such report a statement of the condition of the assets of each Parish and Diocesan Mission with regard to its annual financial commitment to The Diocese for the work of the Church.

Treasurer of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, Class of 2018
  • Alan Bracket (Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans)

The Chancellor

The Chancellor is appointed by the Bishop and confirmed by the Convention. The Chancellor shall be learned in the law, and shall be the advisor of The Bishop, The Convention, The Executive Board, and The Standing Committee upon all matters touching the interests of The Diocese. He shall be the custodian of all deeds and other conveyances of property to The Diocese, and of such other documents or records as may affect in any way the Title to real property held by or for The Diocese.

Chancellor of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana (2016-2019)
  • Cove Geary (Christ Episcopal Church, Covington)



A Vice-chancellor shall be learned in the law and shall act for the Chancellor whenever the Chancellor, for any reason, cannot act.

    Class of 2017-2020

    • Raul Esquivel, III


    Class of 2018-2021

    • Clyde Jacob
    • Mark Mercante


    Class of 2019-2022

    • Susan Talley
    • Marsha Wade


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