Supply Clergy

For a list with phone numbers contact Jessica Lee at or 504-895-6634.

  • The Rev. Andrew Comeaux
  • The Rev. Georgene “Gigi” Conner
  • The Rev. Timothy Hefflin
  • The Rev. Ralph Howe
  • The Rev. Kirkland “Skully” Knight
  • The Rev. Mary Koppel
  • The Rev. Michael Kuhn
  • The Rev. Charles Latour
  • The Rev. David Lowry
  • The Rev. Canon Morgan MacIntire
  • The Rev. Jean Meade *Limited Availability
  • The Very Rev. Brad St. Romain
  • The Rev. Bill Terry
  • The Rev. Bridget Tierney
  • The Rev. Jane-Allison Wiggin

The Executive Board has approved the following compensation for supply clergy:

Note: See below for the rate increase approved by the Executive Board that went into effect May 2023.

Plus Current IRS Reimbursement Rate for Business Mileage, not to exceed $0.655 per mile.

Supply Clergy Rate Increase

In 2002, the reimbursement for priests to cover a Sunday of services was $150, plus expenses (mileage, meals, lodging).  Around 2011 that was increased to $175.  It has been at or over ten years since that figure was re-examined. Considering the inflation rate going into 2023, that amount should increase to over $250.

In order to meet inflation costs, and to cover other Sunday expenses, the following minimum rates for Sunday Supply were adopted by the Executive Board at our January meeting.  All rates will go into effect on May 1, 2023, to allow congregations to adjust.  The rates would increase annually thereafter on May 1.


5/1/2023    5/1/2024 5/1/2025
Sunday Supply, one/two serv $200 $225  $250
One/Two Serv & Adult Forum $250 $275 $310
Three Services $275 $325 $400
Weekday Suppl $125 $150 $175
Other Services weekday $125 $150 $175

*Ash Wednesday, Holy Week services, funerals and other special services during the week are the same as Sunday Supply.


Compensation is due on the date of supply. Expenses should include, but are not limited to mileage, necessary meals and lodging (if required).  Mileage rates are per government requirement for federal tax purposes.  The annual rate will be published in January each year by the Bishop’s Office.

In the past, a scale for other Sunday and weekday offerings had not been included but is included here for greater transparency.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Rev. Canon Morgan MacIntire at