Parochial Reports

The Parochial Report established by the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church as a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the Church in planning for mission. They are to be completed each calendar year and are filed online with the Episcopal Church. The original Parochial Report with signatures along with additional reports are mailed to the Bishop’s Office.

The Parochial Report and all additional reports must be submitted to the diocese no later than March 1. The reports must be approved by the church’s vestry or Bishop’s advisory committee. Constitution and Canons require the submission of the reports or else the right to vote at diocesan convention could be jeopardized.

Instructions and workbooks for filing the Parochial report can be found by clicking here.

Procedure for Filing the Parochial Report & Annual Report

Step 1: Online Filing of the Parochial Report

The Parochial Report must be filed online at:

Step 2: Additional Annual Reporting for the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

The following items are to be completed and submitted along with the parochial report to the Bishop’s Office no later than March 1. Please submit all items together to avoid delays in marking your annual report completed. For any questions or assistance, please contact the Rev. Canon Morgan MacIntire ( or 504-895-6634)

 Completed packets are to be mailed to:

The Canon to the Ordinary
The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana
1623 Seventh St
New Orleans, LA 70115

Report Forms

Request for Extension in Filing the Annual Report

This Annual Report, as required by Diocesan Canon 23.1, is due to the Office of the Bishop of Louisiana not earlier than January 1 and no later than March 1.  If you are unable to complete the annual report by this date, please contact the Rev. Canon Morgan MacIntire ( to request an extension in filing the annual report.


Resources for Help / Additional Information

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs (Chapter 8: Parochial Reports)
Forms and Instructions on The Episcopal Church Website
Parochial Report Research and Statistics