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Youth Ministry

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana lives into our Baptismal Covenant by welcoming, inviting, and including children and youth into our church as integral members and leaders within the Body of Christ. We equip and empower our young people to discern and discover the unique spiritual gifts that God has given them and we commit to walk with them as they discover how they can use their gifts to serve their churches, schools, communities, and beyond. We support and nurture their eagerness to hear how God is calling them and we believe we are called to serve as guides as they explore and articulate their faith as Christians and Episcopalians.

Children and youth participate in many events and activities throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana each year. Please explore our programs, and events pages for information about events and see how you can get involved. As we grow and expand our youth ministries in Louisiana, we thank you for your prayers, presence and continued support.


More Information and Questions:

To learn more about any of our programs contact:

The Rev. Jane-Allison Wiggin
Diocesan Youth Coordinator
(504) 295-1375

1623 Seventh Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 895-6634
Fax: (504) 208-3511

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