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The purpose of the Stepping Stones: Young Adult Retreats is to give young adults some tools and a means of discernment which is not specifically about discerning a call to ordination.

Each day retreat focuses on an aspect of the spiritual life which everyone will struggle with and ultimately discern in his/her life.

We hope to give individuals tools to help them in the process of discernment and invite them to consider how God is active in every aspect of life.

The five retreats will be about Self-Reflection, Prayer, the Spirituality of Relationships, the Spirituality of Work, and Lay Ministries. At each retreat, there will be three talks on topics centered around each of the five aspects of the spiritual life.

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Self Reflection

This retreat is all about how the ways in which we can better our relationship with God and others through self-reflection. Topics covered will be theological reflection, spiritual direction, and therapy.



Prayer is an essential part of the spiritual life. At this retreat, we will talk about prayer in community, personal prayer, and the use of silence or active listening in our prayer.


Spirituality of Relationships

In our culture, there are many things that distract us and demand our attention. At this retreat, we will talk about the importance of relationships and family dynamics with talks on married life, being single, and on the spirituality of friendship.


Spirituality of Work

This retreat is all about moving from the idea of having a job to looking at our career as an expression of stewardship. The topics will be ordination, vocation, and recognizing and using our spiritual gifts.


Lay Ministries

The lay ministries retreat is about discerning how your spirituality is lived out in the church. We will discuss stewardship, different kinds of ministry, and how we can be leaders in the church.


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The Rev. Liz Embler-Beazley

The Rev. Watson Lamb

1623 Seventh Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
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