Latino/Hispanic Ministry

New Camino is a dynamic two-day seminar specifically designed for dioceses and congregations wanting to explore new ways to shore up existing Spanish-speaking ministry, as well as learn how to engage with the English-dominant, later-generation Latinos.

A key focus of New Camino is to challenge and debunk the stereotypes and preconceived notions about today’s Latino communities, particularly regarding ministry and worship.

Embrace the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience. Register now for New Camino and learn new ways to be more culturally aware and responsive to a Latino ministry that is inclusive of all generations of Latinos.

COST: Full (2-day) Seminar – $50  or  Saturday only – $25


Our ministry for the Latino/Hispanic community is a grassroots initiative aimed at assessing and meeting the spiritual needs of individuals in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge metropolitan areas within the Diocese of Louisiana. We recognize the importance of increasing and deepening the presence of The Episcopal Church among Spanish-speaking Christians. To achieve this, we will identify key stakeholders and potential leaders and empower them to build a team of disciples who will foster multilingual communities focused on worship, fellowship, faith formation, and social support. Through mutual discernment with this community, we will prioritize areas of work that inspire energy and excitement, supporting leaders as they articulate and achieve their vision. As our initiatives grow and develop, we will continue to add new areas of work until the community becomes self-supporting and sustainable as a long-term core ministry of our Diocese.

Contact Karla duPlantier, Latino/Hispanic Ministry Coordinator, for more information.

Latino/Hispanic Communities in the Diocese

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Baton Rouge

St. Margaret’s has multiple ministries under the umbrella of “La Mesa,” which means The Table. La Mesa includes two ten-week cycles of English and Spanish classes each year, which give students the opportunity to learn each language and then practice over a shared meal, at the table. La Mesa also includes several bilingual masses throughout the year in which the rector leads much of the mass and the Eucharist in Spanish while lay persons read Scripture and the prayers of the people alternating in both languages. The sermon is pre-recorded in Spanish by clergy from around the Episcopal Church and a brief translation is given in English after the recording is played during the mass. In the summer and holiday seasons, La Mesa hosts conversation circles that allow students to continue to engage in language and cultural activities and special celebrations such as the feast of the Virgin de Guadalupe, Las Posadas, and Tres Reyes.

More information on Le Mesa

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Harvey

At St. Mark’s, Harvey, we aim to continue the positive momentum from last year. Our efforts to welcome a small, Spanish-speaking congregation proved successful within just two months. In 2020, we held a Spanish Mass and organized two events that focused on the Latino community. The Blessing of the Backpacks was a partnership with the Murphy Education and Sports Foundation, where we distributed 700 backpacks filled with school supplies. The event also provided bilingual health resources for families. We also teamed up with Taste of Honduras to present Baleada Fest, celebrating Honduran food and culture. The event was a hit, with over 500 participants in its first year. 

This year, we hope to build on this success by creating after-school programs and sports facilities for marginalized Spanish youth. Our goal is to provide a pathway toward successful educational outcomes.


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