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Ministry Inspiration: Holy Hounds

Who is Angela Basset? Angela Basset is a therapy dog who is trained to provide affection, comfort, and healing love to those around her. Whether ...
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2019 CMA Grant Recipients

by the Rev. John Pitzer, CMA Committee Co-Chair Let Love Open the Door, was the theme this year for the Community Mission Appeal. CMA, is ...
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Celebrating Bishop Thompson’s 10th Anniversary of His Consecration as Bishop of Louisiana

Delivered on November 2, 2019 The 182th Annual Convention The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana by the Rev. Canon Shannon Rogers Manning “Telling a story is ...
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Bishop Thompson’s Address to the 182nd Annual Convention

The Diocese of Louisiana 182nd Convention Christ School Finding a Place in a Displaced World November 1, 2019 A person checks into a hotel for ...
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Sign up for Sustain Island Home, the Episcopal Church Carbon Tracker

by George Bond, a parishioner at St. George's, New Orleans, and member of the Environmental Commission of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana  “God so loved the ...
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Invitation to Participate in the Work of Transformation, For the Love of the Earth

One of the Five Marks of Mission for the Episcopal Church is, "to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the ...
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Celebrating the 110th Birthday of Mr. Lawrence Brooks

Mr. Lawrence Brook, the oldest living American World War II veteran and the oldest parishioner in the Diocese of Louisiana, turned 110 on September 12 ...
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Finding Inspiration for Ministry: Applying Lesson Learned While Earning a D. Min.

by the Rev. Fred Devall, Rector, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Metairie All clergy are required to engage in some form of continuing education.  Over the ...
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St. Francis Pet Blessings

Pet Blessings will take place in the Diocese of Louisiana on September 28, October 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 27. Please join us! %event_content% ...
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