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Pastoral Care to Refugees in the Arab World

by Dr. Caroline Caroson, Seminarian, The University of the South I received a UTO grant in January 2018 for my proposal “Pastoral Care to Refugees ...
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St. Luke’s Seeking and Serving Christ

by Lisa Lee, Co-chair of the Mission and Outreach Committee, and the Rev. Bryan Owens, Rector, St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge This year the parish church ...
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St. Alban’s Legacy Campaign: Open Doors. Every Day. For Everybody

by the Rev. Drew Rollins, Chaplain, St. Alban's Chapel, Baton Rouge St. Alban's Chapel is a mission-driven ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana that ...
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Why Reinvent the Wheel?

by the Rev. Rob Courtney, Rector, St. Paul's, New Orleans “We need to have our own ministry.” I heard these words a lot in the ...
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Will You Respect the Dignity of Every Human Being?

I get looped in from time to time on topics that seem over the top. For example, I was copied on a long string of ...
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Art on the Go Closes Its Second Round of Camps

by Gale Roy, Arts Council of Pointe Coupee Executive Director The Arts Council of Pointe Coupee is pleased with the second round of Art on the Go ...
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Invitation to the 181st Annual Convention

August 20, 2018 Dear Clergy and Wardens of the Diocese of Louisiana, It is my honor and privilege as your Bishop, to give you notice ...
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Virginia Opts for Provisional Bishop

Helen K. Spence, president of the Diocese of Virginia’s standing committee, announces plans for a provisional bishop to serve for three years or more: The ...
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Parish Merger in Dallas

Church of the Incarnation has merged with Trinity Church in Dallas to create new growth in a parish that has declined in attendance for several ...
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Two Apologies for Bishop’s Remarks

Nathaniel Ramanaden | Diocese of St. Asaph | After protests by CAMERA and the Simon Wiesenthal Center and coverage by Tablet, the Rt. Rev ...
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