Resolutions to Convention

Convention rules require resolutions to be submitted to the Committee on Dispatch of Business 30 days prior to Convention or else receive the consent of two-thirds of the members of Convention to be moved from the floor. Resolutions to the 182nd Annual Convention must be received by October 1, 2019.

Form for Filing Resolutions for the 182nd Annual Convention

Resolutions to the 182nd Annual Convention

No resolutions were submitted by the October 1, 2019, deadline. 

One resolution was submitted from the floor of Convention and received a two-thirds majority of the members to be heard. It was sent to the Resolution Committee and was presented to the Covention for vote. Resolution R1 passed. Details of the resolution can be found below:

Resolution: R1 Full text here
Purpose: Care of Immigrants detained in LA prisons
Referred to: Resolution Committee
Action: Passed


Courtesy Resolutions

Courtesy Resolutions 2019


General Convention Resolutions to be read at the Annual Convention

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