Dear Brothers and Sisters of our Diocese,

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Louisiana is pleased to announce that we have approved a timeline, appointed Rev. Ralph Howe to serve as Chaplain to the Committees during the search and election process, and made selections for the Search and Transition Committees.

Search Committee:

  • Lay Co-Chair: Carolyn Douglas, Grace Church, St. Francisville
  • Clergy Co-Chair: Rev. Rob Courtney, Rector of St. Paul’s, New Orleans
  • Pat Lindsey Brown, Christ Church, Covington
  • Ed Wallace, St. Martin’s, Metairie
  • Rev. JoAnn Garma, retired Deacon of the Diocese
  • Alan Brackett, Christ Church Cathedral
  • Rev. Robert Beazley, Rector of St. Michael’s, Mandeville
  • Drew Boatner, St. Patrick’s, Zachary
  • Rev. Lindsey Ardrey, Chaplain at St. Martin’s School, Metairie
  • Lauren Anderson, New Orleans
  • Helen Campbell, St. James, Baton Rouge
  • Rev. John Craft, Chaplain at Chapel of the Holy Comforter, New Orleans
  • Rev. Andrew Harmon, Sr., Associate at St. James, Baton Rouge
  • Rev. Jay Albert, Deacon at Trinity Church, New Orleans
  • Michael Gaudet, St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge

Transition Committee for XII Louisiana:

  • Clergy Co-Chair, Rev. Michael Hackett, retired Deacon of the Diocese
  • Lay Co-Chair, Philip James, Christ Church, Covington
  • Heath Boddie, Trinity Church, Baton Rouge
  • Carolyn Harris, St. Luke’s, New Orleans
  • Rebecca Sadler, St. Martin’s, Metairie
  • Thomas Branton, Christ Church and School, Covington
  • Miles Higgins, Grace Church, St. Francisville
  • Rev. Jane-Allison Wiggin, Associate Rector, Trinity Church, New Orleans and Youth Minister for the Diocese
  • Rev. Ashley Freeman, Rector, St. Patrick’s, Zachary
  • Trey Roberts, St. James, Baton Rouge
  • Rev. Christopher Duncan, Rector, St. James, Baton Rouge
  • Gary Stuard, Jr., St. Stephen’s, Innis
  • Bill Soileau, Christ Church Cathedral
  • Brother Todd van Alstyne, Christ Church Cathedral and St. Andrew’s School, New Orleans

Yours in Christ,
The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana