Bishop’s Visitation Schedule

It is Bishop Thompson’s desire to visit each parish in the diocese within fifteen to eighteen months.  The Bishop creates a visitation schedule in advance, rotating among parishes to fit them in within the calendar year schedule. In the event your parish is not listed for a visit during this calendar year and you have individuals prepared for Confirmation, you should contact Bishop Thompson.  He will personally go over the options with you.  Unforeseen circumstances may result in changes to the schedule.

Download the Customary for the Bishop’s Visitations

2017 Visitation Schedule


The Rt. Rev. Morris K. Thompson, Jr. was on sabbatical from January 1 – March 31, 2017.


Sun, Jan 8, 2017 10:30 am St. George'sNew OrleansCelebrant: Bishop Brown
Tue, Jan 10, 20176:00 pmChurch of the TransfigurationAngolaCelebrant: Bishop Jenkins
Jan 13-14, 2017Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerCommission on Ministry Retreat
Jan 16, 2017Martin Luther King Holiday
Jan 17-19, 2017Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerClergy Silent Retreat
Feb 5, 20179:00 amSt. Paul's / Holy TrinityNew RoadsCelebrant: Bishop Jenkins
Feb 5-7, 2017University of SewaneeSewanee Regents
Feb 12, 201710:30 amSt. Philip'sNew OrleansCelebrant: Bishop Brown
Feb 19, 201710:00 amChurch of the NativityRosedaleCelebrant: Bishop Jenkins
Feb 27-28, 2017Mardi Gras Holiday
Mar 1, 2017Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansAsh Wednesday Service
Mar 3-5, 2017Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerMen's Retreat
Mar 10-14, 2017Spring House of Bishop's Meeting
Mar 27-29, 2017St. JamesBaton RougePrison Ministry Conference
Apr 2, 201710:00 amSt. Matthew'sHouma
Apr 9, 20179:00 amSt. Andrew'sClintonPalm Sunday
Apr 10, 201711:00 amChrist Church CathedralNew OrleansChrism Mass
Apr 14, 2017Good Friday- Office Close
Apr 15, 20177:30 pmTrinity ChurchMorgan CityEaster Vigil
Apr 16, 201710:00 amChrist Church CathedralNew OrleansEaster Sunday
Apr 17, 2017Easter Monday- Office Closed
Apr 22, 20174:00 pmSt. Mary'sMorganza
Apr 23, 201710:30 amSt. Mary'sFranklin
Apr 30, 201710:30 amSt. Andrew'sBayou DulargeAnnual Blessing of the Fleet
Apr 30, 201710:30 amSt. Luke'sBaton RougeCelebrant: Bishop Jenkins
May 7, 201710:00 amSt. Paul'sNew Orleans
May 10, 201710:00 am St. Luke's Episcopal SchoolBaton RougeMorning Chapel Service
May 10, 20174:00 pmEpiscopal School of Baton RougeBaton RougeBaccalaureate
May 12, 20177:00 pmEpiscopal School of Baton RougeBaton RougeGraduation Ceremony
May 14, 201710:30 amTrinity ChurchNew OrleansMother's Day
May 18, 20179:30 amChrist Episcopal SchoolCovingtonBaccalaureate
May 19-20, 2017Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerCommunity of Deacons
May 21, 201710:00 amSt. Martin'sMetairie
May 28, 2017No Visitation- Memorial Day
May 29, 2017Office Closed - Memorial Day
May 31, 20176:00 pmSt. Martin's Episcopal SchoolMetairieBaccalaureate
Jun 2, 20177:30 pmSt. Martin's Episcopal SchoolGraduation Ceremony
Jun 2-3, 2017St. JamesBaton RougeECW Annual Gathering
Jun 4, 201710:30 amSt. JamesBaton RougePentecost Sunday
Jun 5-7, 2017Kanuga Conference CenterHendersonville, NCProvince IV Bishop's Meeting
Jun 7-9, 2017Kanuga Conference CenterHendersonville, NCProvince IV Synod
Jun 11-14, 2017Sewanee UniversitySewanee, TNSewanee Regents Meeting
Jun 18. 2017No visitation- vacation
Jun 25, 201710:30 am St. Mark'sHarvey
Jul 2, 2017No Visitation
Jul 9, 2017No Visitation
Jul 15, 2017North CarolinaConsecration of the Bishop of North Carolina
Jul 16, 2017No Visitation
Jul 23, 2017No Visitation
Jul 25, 201711:00 amLambeth HouseNew OrleansLambeth House Eucharist & Lunch
Jul 30, 2017No Visitation
Aug 6, 201711:00 amSt. Michael & All AngelsBaton Rouge
Aug 13, 201710:00 amSt. Margaret'sBaton Rouge
Aug 20, 201710:00 amTrinityBaton Rouge
Aug 27, 201710:30 amSt. Augustine'sMetairie
Aug 27, 20173:30 pmSolomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerHappening Closing
Sep 3, 2017Labor Weekend - No Visitation
Sep 10, 20179:00 amMount OlivetNew Orleans
Sep 17, 201710:00 amChapel of the Holy ComforterNew Orleans
Sep 21-27, 2017Fairbanks, AKHouse of Bishop's
Oct 1, 2017No Visitation
Oct 8, 201710:30 amSt. Alban's ChapelBaton Rouge
Oct 15, 201710:00 amSt. Luke'sNew Orleans
Oct 22, 201710:30 amSt. Anna'sNew Orleans
Oct 29, 201710:00 amAll Saints'River Ridge
Nov 3-4, 2017 180th Diocesan Convention
Nov 5, 2017No Visitation
Nov 12, 20179:00 amChrist ChurchCovington
Nov 17-18, 2017Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLoranger
Nov 19, 20179:00 am St. Stephen'sInnis
Nov 26, 2017Thanksgiving- No Visitation
Dec 3, 201710:00 amSt. Andrew'sNew Orleans
Dec 10, 201710:00 amGrace ChurchSt. Francisville
Dec 17, 20179:30 amAll Saint'sPonchatoula
Dec 24, 20175:00 pm Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansChristmas Eve
Dec 24, 201711:00 pmChrist Church CathedralNew OrleansChristmas Eve
Dec 25, 2017Christmas Day - No Visitation
Dec 31, 2017New Year's Eve - No Visitation


2018 Visitation Schedule

Sunday, January 79:30 a.m.Trinity ChurchMorgan City
January 8 - 10Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerCollege of Presbyters
Tuesday, January 96 p.m.Church of the TransfigurationAngola
Saturday, January 1310 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerDiocese Executive Board Meeting
Sunday, January 1410:30 a.m.St. George'sNew Orleans
Monday, January 15Office Closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Sunday, January 2110 a.m.Christ Church CathedralNew Orleans
January 26-27Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterCommission on Ministry Retreat
Sunday, January 2810 a.m.Church of the IncarnationAmite
February 4-6SewaneeSewanee Regents Meeting
Saturday, February 1010 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
Sunday, February 11No visitation - Mardi Gras
February 12-13Office Closed: Mardi Gras Holiday
Wednesday, February 14noonChrist Church CathedralNew OrleansAsh Wednesday
Sunday, February 189 a.m.St. TimothyLaPlace
Sunday, February 2510 a.m.Holy CommunionPlaquemine
March 2-4Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerMen's Retreat
Sunday, March 410:30 a.m.St. Luke'sBaton Rouge
March 6-8Camp AllenNavasota, TXHouse of Bishops Meeting
Saturday, March 1010 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerDiocesan Executive Board Meeting
Sunday, March 1110 a.m.St. Matthew'sBogalusa
Sunday, March 1810:30 a.m.St. FrancisDenham Springs
Sunday, March 2510:30 a.m.Church of the AnnunciationNew OrleansPalm Sunday
Monday, March 2611 a.m.Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansChrism Mass
Thursday, March 29Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansMaundy Thursday
Friday, March 30Good Friday / Office Closed
Saturday, March 31TBDTBD in Southwest DeaneryEaster Vigil
Sunday, April 110 a.m.Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansEaster Sunday
Monday, April 2Office Closed
Sunday, April 810:15 a.m.St. Paul'sNew Orleans
Saturday, April 1410 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
Sunday, April 1510 a.m.St. Andrew'sParadis
Sunday, April 229 a.m.St. Paul's / Holy TrinityNew Roads
Thursday, April 266 p.m.Chapel of the Holy SpiritNew Orleans
Sunday, April 2910:30 a.m.St. Andrew'sBayou DulargeFollowed by the Blessing of the Fleet
Sunday, May 610:30 a.m.St. JamesBaton Rouge
Saturday, May 1210 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerDiocesan Executive Board Meeting
Sunday, May 1310:30 a.m.Trinity ChurchNew OrleansMother's Day
Wednesday, May 164 p.m.Episcopal School of Baton RougeBaton RougeBaccalaureate
Saturday, May 197 p.m.Episcopal School of Baton RougeBaton RougeGraduation
TBDChrist Episcopal SchoolCovingtonBaccalaureate
May 18-19Christ ChurchCovingtonECW Annual Gathering
May 18-19Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerDeacon's Conference
Sunday, May 2010 a.m.St. Matthew'sHoumaPentecost Sunday
Sunday May 27No visitation
Monday, May 28Office Closed: Memorial Day
Wednesday, May 307 p.m.St. Martin's Episcopal SchoolMetairieBaccalaureate
Friday, June 17 p.m.St. Martin's Episcopal SchoolMetairieGraduation
Sunday, June 39 a.m.St. Andrew'sClinton
Saturday, June 910 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
June 10-12SewaneeSewanee Regents Meeting
Sunday, June 1710 a.m.Church of the NativityRosedaleFather's Day
Sunday, June 2410 a.m.Trinity ChurchBaton Rouge
Sunday, July 1No Visitation
July 5-13Austin, TexasGeneral Convention
Sunday, July 15No visitation
Tuesday, July 1711 a.m.Lambeth HouseNew Orleans
Sunday, July 22No visitation
Sunday, July 29No visitation
Sunday, August 510:30 a.m.St. Philip'sNew Orleans
Saturday, August 1110 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
Sunday, August 1210:30 a.m.St. Michael'sMandevillle
Sunday, August 1910 a.m.St. Mark'sHarvey
Sunday, August 2610:30 a.m.St. Augustine'sMetairie
Sunday, September 2Labor Day weekend - No visitation.
Monday, September 3Labor Day Holiday - Office closed
Saturday, September 810 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerDiocesan Executive Board Meeting
Sunday, September 16No visitation
Sunday, September 239 a.m.St. Augustine'sBaton Rouge
Sunday, September 3010:30 a.m.Christ ChurchSlidell
Sunday, October 79 a.m.Christ ChurchCovington
Saturday, October 1310 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
Sunday, October 1410 a.m.St. John'sKenner
Sunday, October 2110 a.m.St. Luke'sNew Orleans
October 26-27TBD181st Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana
Monday, October 29Office Closed
Sunday, November 410 a.m.All Saints'River RidgeAll Saints's Day
Sunday, November 1110:30 a.m.St. Anna'sNew Orleans
November 16-17Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerExecutive Board Retreat
Sunday, November 1810:30 a.m.St. John'sThibodaux
November 22-23Thanksgiving Holiday - Office Closed
Sunday, November 25No visitation
Sunday, December 210:30 a.m.Grace MemorialHammond
December 5-7TBDProvince IV House of Bishops Meeting
Saturday, December 810 a.m.Solomon Episcopal Conference CenterLorangerSECC Board Meeting
Sunday, December 910 a.m.St. Patrick'sZachary
Sunday, December 1610 a.m.Grace ChurchSt. Francisville
December 21- January 2Office Closed for Christmas Holiday
Monday, December 245 p.m.Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansChristmas Eve
Monday, December 249 a.m.Christ Church CathedralNew OrleansChristmas Eve
Tuesday, December 25No visitation
Sunday, December 31,No visitation - New Year's Eve

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