Happy Pentecost! 

It is hard for me to believe that 6 months have passed since my ordination and consecration as the 12th bishop of Louisiana. And, what a wonderful whirlwind it has been!  The time has been filled with blessings that are hard to describe and abundance of joy that I could only imagine when this journey began. We have launched new ministries, supported existing ones, increased our social media and digital presence, began the work of re-imagining our mission statement, and done a lot of dreaming about where we want to move as a diocese. In addition to my weekly parish visits, I have also loved visiting so many of our diocesan and parish schools. Our Episcopal Schools Commission has been reinvigorated. This group of school leaders meets quarterly to support one another and further our Episcopal Identity in the lives of our children. We are having thoughtful conversation about how to expand the ministry of Blessed Frances Joseph-Gaudet. And, the Council of Deacons, under the capable leadership of Archdeacon deGravelles, is hard at work expanding and promoting this important ministry.

We have listened. We have listened to what you all asked for in this new season of ministry and I am excited to share a bit of that good news with you. Last year at Diocesan Convention, you expressed a deep desire to expand our Latino and Hispanic ministry.  You also asked for more tools to support our congregations and clergy, especially in these post-pandemic days. You asked to continue to find creative ways to reach our youth, young adults, and families.  You wanted to build upon our strong sense of community and be equipped with the tools to be a more vibrant presence in your neighborhoods. As our staff reflected upon all of this, we realized that we had a lot to share! Therefore, over the next few weeks, we will share a series of videos as part of our Joyful June series.  Yes! There is a lot of joy in the Diocese of Louisiana. And, this is only the beginning of what lies ahead and it is also reflective of the good work that is already happening.

In the search profile for bishop, you expressed a few core values. These included a deep and abiding sense of love, inclusivity and community.  These values are intricately woven throughout our Joyful June videos. I believe so strongly that, as Episcopalians, we have a unique and powerful voice, especially in these times.  So, whether you are seeking out a new community of faith, or if you and your family have been sitting in the same pew for 40 years, faithfully serving your church, you have a home with us. As our presiding bishop says so beautifully, “We are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement”…right here in south Louisiana. 

So, stay tuned!  Joyful June is here!

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