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Disciplinary Board

From Canon 26 of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

Section 2. There shall be a Disciplinary Board consisting of nine persons, five of whom shall be Priests or Deacons canonically resident in The Diocese and four of whom shall be lay persons who are adult confirmed communicants in good standing of a Parish or Mission in union with The Convention of The Diocese. At each annual meeting of The Convention of The Diocese, the Executive Board shall present to The Convention the names of at least one nominee for each position to be filled by The Convention and shall include in its agenda for The Convention the names and qualifications of the persons so nominated. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of The Convention. No member of the Executive Board, the Standing Committee or The Bishop’s staff shall be eligible to be elected or serve as a member of the Board. No Chancellor or Vice-chancellor of The Diocese and no person serving as Advisor, Conciliator, Church Attorney, Intake Officer or Investigator shall be eligible to be elected or serve as a member of the Board.

Section 3.
(a) The Members of the Board shall serve for a term of three years. Terms shall be staggered so that one third of the Board is reelected each year. A member of the Board shall not serve for longer than two successive three-year terms, but shall be eligible for election to the Board after having been a non-member for one Convention year. Each term shall run until the conclusion of the annual meeting of The Convention held three years following the date of the member’s election.

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      Class of 2020-2023

      • The Rev. Gina Brewster-Jenkins (St. Paul’s, New Orleans)
      • The Rev. Chris Duncan (St. James, Baton Rouge)
      • The Rev. John Pitzer (Trinity Church, Baton Rouge)

      Class of 2021-2024

      • The Rev. Peter Wong (Trinity Church, Baton Rouge)
      • John Futrell (St. Andrew’s, New Orleans)
      • Jeremiah Smith (St. Augustine’s, Metairie)

      Class of 2022-2025

      • The Rev. Holly Burris (St. John’s, Thibodaux)
      • Anita Byrne (St. James, Baton Rouge)
      • Henry Jackson (Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans)

      Bishop’s Appointment

      • Donna Wright Lee, Church Attorney (St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge)

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