Christ Church Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

The Bishop of Louisiana has their seat at Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans. Christ Church Cathedral not only serves the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana but serves the people in its neighborhood and beyond through various outreach programs, with the largest program being The Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative of New Orleans. The cathedral’s Advent House serves as a resource for spirituality for the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, the clergy, clergy families, lay ministers and others. There are worship services throughout the week. Music concerts are held often.

The mission of Christ Church Cathedral:

We seek to know Christ and make him known in Liturgy, Music, Formation, Fellowship and Service.


History of Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church was founded on November 16, 1805, two years after the Louisiana Purchase. It was only after the transfer of Louisiana to the United States that any consideration was given to the establishment of a Protestant church in New Orleans. In June 1805 it was voted that the first non-Roman Catholic church to be established in the Louisiana Purchase territory would be Episcopal. Thus the congregation of Christ Church was established (the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana was later organized in 1838). The first building was constructed in 1816. The current building, the fourth church building, was constructed in 1886.

Christ Church was established as the cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana in 1892.


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Christ Church Cathedral
Address: 2919 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 895-6602