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Board of Trustees

The function of the Board of Trustees

From Canon 26 of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana

Section 1 . There shall be a Board Of Trustees which shall be composed of The Bishop, the Treasurer, and four other members who shall be confirmed Communicants in good standing residing in The Diocese and who shall be nominated for three-year terms by The Bishop, subject to confirmation by The Convention. The Bishop shall appoint a President of the Board of Trustees from among its members.

Section 2. (a) The Board Of Trustees shall function as a custodian and an investment committee. In that capacity it shall have the custody and control of, and be charged with the investment and reinvestment of, all trust funds and securities, all endowment funds and securities, and all permanent funds and securities of whatsoever kind belonging or appertaining to The Diocese and to each and every Mission and institution, other than a Parish, connected with The Diocese. The Board Of Trustees may delegate to an entity that is a Registered Investment Counsel the investment and reinvestment or any or all of the publicly-traded securities referred to in this subsection. (b) When any funds or securities shall be placed under the custody and control of the Board Of Trustees of The Diocese on the written approval of The Bishop and the Executive Board of The Diocese, no owner or beneficiary of such funds or securities shall have any right or power to question such custody by the Board Of Trustees. (c) Any funds or securities under the custody or control of the Board Of Trustees may be withdrawn from such custody or control on the written request of the owner and/or beneficiary of such funds or securities, upon proper resolution of its governing authority (in the case of The Diocese, its Convention or its Executive Board), and provided The Bishop and the Executive Board also consent thereto in writing with regard to the withdrawal of any Diocesan funds or securities. The release of any such funds or securities by the Board Of Trustees shall never be construed to permit the use of such funds or securities by such owner and/or beneficiary otherwise than in strict accordance with any trust, devise, deed, donation or agreement affecting such funds or securities. Continue reading here by downloading the Constitution and Canon of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana.

 Members of the Board of Trustees

  • Bishop of the Diocese: The Rt. Rev. Shannon Rogers Duckworth
  • Treasurer of the Diocese: Alan Brackett

Class of 2020-2023

  • Tony Gregorio

Class of 2021-2024

  • Christian Holland
  • Edgar Starns
  • John Wilson

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