Work is coming along nicely for the Bishop’s Gifts Committee.  Prices and commitments for the gifts have been coming in and the Committee is about to begin soliciting from individuals, institutions, and congregations.  The first group of solicitations should begin by Monday, July 25.

Gifts include:

  •                Celebration Mitre and Cope
  •                Matching Chasuble and Stole
  •                Rochet & Chimere (Bishop’s choir vestments)
  •                Purple Cassock
  •                Other celebration vestments
  •                Vestment luggage
  •                Other items

The Bishop’s ring is a gift from her family and her husband Jimmy is making her Crozier (the bishop’s staff).  A couple of other items have been spoken for and those will be announced soon.

Requests for supporting the gifts project will be announced very soon.  For more information or to make an early commitment contact the Rev. Canon Ronald Clingenpeel,