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Article and photographs by Jane Baldwin-Kent, Church of the Nativity, Rosedale

As our faithful, small community reduced in number, we prayed for life to be breathed into us.  On Sunday, February 19, the Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins, Tenth Bishop of Louisiana, honored The Church of the Nativity, Rosedale, by baptizing, confirming, receiving and reaffirming 13 precious souls into our fold. And, in four weeks, two more baptisms are on the schedule.

Bishop Jenkins seemed inspired by the attendance of his beautiful wife Louise, our smiling faces and the rambunctious two-year-old, Hudson, who assisted him in keeping attention focused as he climbed the steps and invited everyone to an altar call. The message our benevolent retired Bishop brought was one of love and the promise of acceptance into the imperfect but embracing community of Episcopal faithful.

What a feast followed!  Country cooking and Mexican flavors were followed by Harvey Best’s jokes for dessert and children frolicking on the grounds. It was truly a day the Lord had made as the answer to our prayers!

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