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The six terrible texts

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On General Convention and waiting

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All Resolutions as Presented to General Convention

To take a look at all the resolution that came before General Convention: http://www.generalconvention.org/home/legislative-resources In about 30 days on the General Convention website will be the final wording of all the... read more

Louisiana Deputation Journal: Friday, July 3 (Last Day of General Convention)

[Photograph by Levi Thompson] Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry

by the Rev. Sharon Alexander, Chair of the Louisiana Deputation

The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church adjourned on Friday at 5:55 pm, a bit earlier than the scheduled time.  We addressed each resolution presented to us, thanks in large part to a new rule that automatically puts all resolutions on the Consent Calendar and requires action from either a Legislative Committee or the House of Deputies to put it on the calendar on which debate will be heard.

The day began with an energetic and enthusiastic sermon by the Presiding Bishop elect, Michael Curry.  He told us that his sermon could be summed up in one word:  Go.  As part of the Jesus Movement we are not to stay still or even comfortable, but are to go out and spread the Good News.  Go out into the neighborhood and follow Jesus.  His sermon can be found at http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/ens/2015/07/03/video-presiding-bishop-elect-michael-curry-preaches-at-general-convention-closing-eucharist/

The Deputies are all getting ready to head back to the Diocese of Louisiana.  We have met many new friends, visited with exhibitors to learn about their ministries, attended Committee meetings, sat through countless parliamentary motions and have enjoyed each other’s company.  It has been hard work and long hours, but I believe each of us is returning with a renewed commitment to follow Bishop Curry’s admonition to go out and share the Good News.

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