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Services of Healing are available for all those who are feeling pain and grief this holiday season. Check below for a listing of services available.

For additions or corrections to the calendar email Karen Mackey


  • Silent Lights (Trinity Church, Baton Rouge)
    Sunday, December 09 at 6:00 pm at Trinity Church (Baton Rouge), 3552 Morning Glory Ave
    December 9 at 6 pm - Silent Lights (a quiet, prayerful and contemplative service for those wanting a respite from the chaos of the holiday season or who have been facing challenges and would like a soothing service)
  • Longest Night Service (St. Martin’s, Metairie)
    Thursday, December 13 at 6:30 pm at St. Martin's (Metairie), 2216 Metairie Rd
    A service of hope and remembrance.
  • Blue Christmas Service (Christ Church, Covington)
    Wednesday, December 19 at 6:15 pm at Christ Church (Covington), 120 S. New Hampshire St.
    A service for anyone who is or ever has been brokenhearted during the “most wonderful time of the year”. A place and a space to pause, to lean into our sorrow and to be reminded that the light of Christ shines even in the darkest parts of our lives. Please join us at 6:15 pm in the chapel and bring a photo or special momento of the loved one(s) you are missing this year.
  • Longest Night Service (St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge)
    Thursday, December 20 at 6:00 pm at St. Luke's (Baton Rouge), 8833 Goodwood Blvd
    Coinciding with the winter solstice, the annual “Longest Night” service honors any sort of loss with remembrance and healing. Open to everyone. 6 pm.

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