Bishop’s Lenten Book Study: Final Reflection
April 11, 2017

As I reflect on this Lenten journey that we have shared through the reading of The Soul of Money, what stands out in my mind is the point Twist makes on page 208 regarding conversation: “We think we live in the world.  We think we live in a set of circumstances, but we don’t.  We live in our conversation about the world and our conversation about the circumstances.  When we’re in a conversation about fear and terror, about revenge and anger and retribution, jealousy and envy and comparison, then that is the world we inhabit.  If we’re in a conversation about possibility, a conversation about gratitude and appreciation for the things in front of us, then that’s the world we inhabit.”

The Apostle Paul says the same thing.  We can either spend our time in the presence of Jesus or we can spend our time in the presence of the world.  Where we place our priorities is where we live.  In a recent sermon I mentioned how much I had gotten caught up in the political muck and how I had allowed it to sidetrack my prayer life.  My conversation centered around fear and anger.  I permitted the thoughts of others to set the stage for how I was living in this world.  This stance is precisely the opposite of how our Lord calls us to engage the world. The teachings of Jesus and the other writers of the New Testament speak of generosity, love, hopefulness and grace.  Twist is absolutely right.  Too often we live in our conversation about the world and circumstances.  The good news is that we can choose the entry point of our conversation.  We can choose the conversation of gratitude and possibility.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have.  I also hope that you have been challenged. Twist has reminded me once again of the joy of being a giver. I don’t have to be financially wealthy to engage in making a difference.  It is all about how I choose to enter into the conversation.


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