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Episcopalians Against Gun Violence

Is an ad-hoc group of bishops, clergy and lay people disseminating information about Episcopalians who are working, collectively and individually, to curb gun violence.  More information on the Episcopalians Against Gun Violence Facebook Page.

Bishops United Against Gun Violence

Bishop Thompson is one of the 60 bishops across the Episcopal Church who make up the Bishop’s United Against Gun Violence. These bishops have come together to explore means of reducing the appalling levels of gun violence in our society, and to advocate for policies and legislation that save lives.

They are working against gun violence by:

  • Forming relationships and coalitions with interfaith colleagues, fellow advocates, and families whose lives have been touched by gun violence;
  • Giving voice to voiceless gun violence victims through public liturgy, advocacy, and prayer; and
  • Supporting one another in our efforts to end gun violence in our communities.

Visit the Bishop United Against Gun Violence website for more information and resources.

 Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend

All congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana are encouraged to participate in National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend. It is a time to remember those who have lost their lives to gunfire, pray for those whose lives have been forever changed because of the loss of a loved one, and to educate one another on proven strategies to reduce gun violence.

Visit the Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath Weekend website for upcoming weekends, worship resources, and other ideas.





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