Gifts for Bishop-elect Duckworth

 As we prepare to welcome our bishop-elect, the Rev. Canon Shannon Duckworth, people across the diocese are invited to offer gifts in support of her ministry. On the gift list are vestments and appointments the new bishop will need in her ministry in the Diocese and for the Church. This includes liturgical vestments, a ring, pectoral cross, crozier (a shepherd’s staff), and various other items that are particular to the Office of Bishop.

If you would like more information or would like to support the work of the Gifts Committee (Ms. Pat Brown, the Rev. Canon Ronald Clingenpeel, and Ms. Rebecca Sadler), please contact Canon Clingenpeel at: Contact regarding questions, gifting options, or to support the work of the Committee. A fund has been established at the Bishop’s Office to receive funds. If you wish to contribute, please mark any donation as: Bishop-elect’s Gift Fund.


Mail a check made payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana:
Bishop-elect Gift Fund
The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana
1623 Seventh St.
New Orleans, LA 70115


August 1 Update

We have had some commitments so far, and certain groups are being solicited directly.  The deacons of the diocese will present the white linen miter; the priests are being asked to fund the pectoral cross; the ECW and Diocesan Altar Guild are giving the consecration miter. Canon Duckworth’s family is presenting her with the official ring, and her husband Jimmy is making her crozier.  In addition, we have had requests from some parishes to fund specific items, or to add funds to the general gifts ledger.

The Committee now turns to others in the Diocese asking for your help and support. If you, as an individual, would like to contribute to the fund, you are invited to do so.  No gift is too small or too large.  We are truly grateful for any gift we receive towards this ministry.  If your congregation or ministry group would like to make a gift (through the vestry or a general appeal) you are encouraged to do so.  We are truly grateful for these contributions.

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