Share your COVID-19 experience with us. How has your faith sustained you through this difficult time? Where have you found God? Tell us about your experience with virtual worship? Were you able to reach out to serve others? Scroll down to view a few more writing prompts to help you write a story about your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will select up to seven stories for the June 2020 issue of Churchwork. Other stories will be placed on the EDOLA website and included in a special collection in the diocesan archives. You may choose to only have your story submitted for the diocesan archives and not be placed in either Churchwork or the EDOLA website. You can submit photographs and videos to accompany your story.

Submissions are open to parishioners of all ages of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. Help us document this moment in time for future generations.

Deadline: May 22, 2020

Submit your story here


  • The maximum length of articles is 700 words.
  • Submission must be your own original work.
  • Accompanying images should be high resolution and should be submitted in JPG or PNG format. We reserve the right not to use such materials. Please do not send us a copyrighted photograph unless it is accompanied by permission from the photographer for us to reproduce.
  • The Churchwork editors reserve the right to edit all material for length, spelling, and grammar.

Writing Prompts:
Use any of these prompts to help you write your story or feel free to use your own subject.

Physical Distancing

  1. When did you first begin to realize how serious COVID-19 is and how did your behavior change?
  2. What have you liked the most about having to stay home and physically distance from other people? What have you liked the least?
  3. Have you learned any new skills during this time?
  4. Who is the person you most miss seeing face to face and why?
  5. What changes, big or small, are you noticing in the world around you?
  6. How did your life change or that of a loved one?
  7. How are you able to practice self-care?
  8. (For youth and college students) Write about your experience of suddenly having to learn in a homeschool/online environment?
  9. (For youth) Where you able to connect virtually with your friends from your church youth group?

Reaching Out in Loving Service to Others

  1. Where have you had an opportunity to share God’s peace? Where have you felt God’s peace?
  2. How did you or your church community help those affected by COVID-19? Those who lost their job? Feed the hungry? Care for children? Care for the elderly?
  3. What is your role in our nation’s response to the pandemic?
  4. What are the biggest needs in the community around you due to the pandemic?
  5. (For clergy or church staff) Share a story of how you were able to change practices and adapt to the changing needs of your church community? The community outside your doors?

Worship at Home / Experiencing God/ Faith at Home

  1. How has your faith sustained you in this difficult time?
  2. What virtual worship and community gathering opportunities has your church offered?
  3. Describe your Sunday morning ritual of watching and participating in a church service from home?
  4. Describe Holy Week and Easter from your perspective?
  5. Describe your sacred space at home? Where is your favorite place at home to praise God?
  6. Is there a moment that has taught you something about the power of Jesus?
  7. In what ways have you maintained community with your church family? Did you reconnect with parishioners you may not have seen in some time or who may have moved away?
  8. What have you missed the most about gathering in-person with your church community?
  9. (For clergy) Share a story of leading a virtual worship service? Describe the experience of leading a virtual worship service?

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