Dear friends,

Thank you for your time this morning. I wanted to get this follow up out to you as soon as possible since much of this is time-sensitive with what is going on in the diocese and in our greater community.

*Thank you to Katie Mears of ERD.  Please carefully review the email sent to you yesterday regarding hurricane preparedness and communication.

*June 14 congregations may begin in-person, inside worship following the guidelines issued by the diocese, in conjunction with protocols established by state and local governments.  The exception (for now) is Orleans Parish which is still in Phase 1. Please begin planning with your congregations. 

*We will consider beginning the celebration and distribution of the Eucharist on July 5. We will send out guidance on this practice in the next few weeks.  

*Clergy are allowed to join in peaceful protests as their convictions lead them. However, I strongly suggest that you pay close attention to the possibility of these protests becoming violent. Also, the proximity of protesters to one another also raises distancing concerns with COVID-19.

*The Wardens and Treasurers will meet Thursday at 11:00 am. Please send agenda items to Canon Manning.

*The Re-entry document referred to in the call is attached here.

May we pray for peace and reconciliation during these difficult days. 

You remain in my prayers.