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Dear Friends in Christ,

Bishop Thompson has formed an environmental commission in an effort to bring awareness of the increasing challenges facing our natural environment and therefore the people of Southeast Louisiana. The Environmental Commission will facilitate discussions within our churches and schools to draw upon individual gifts to bring about concrete actions to restore and sustain the environment, beginning with our own church and school buildings, grounds and campuses, and our own family homes.

The Environmental Commission is asking you to connect with us by simply responding to a survey. It can be found online here: This will enable us to understand your areas of interest in stewardship of the environment. Once connected, we will begin forwarding information with opportunities to participate in various environmental outreach projects as well as information on how to make your home and church “go green”.

Stewardship and care of creation is an eco-justice ministry of The Episcopal Church which seeks to heal, defend and work toward justice for all God’s creation. Please join us in this important work that God has given us.

Faithfully Yours in Christ,
Joseph (Joey) Clavijo

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