by the Rt. Rev. Shannon Rogers Duckworth

“Please take care of yourself, and each other.” This is the signoff used by Lester Holt at the end of every broadcast of the Nightly News. It is a simple phrase, but one that carries tremendous weight and responsibility. If we truly care for ourselves and each other, we hold in our hands a humbling responsibility. Every life is sacred. Every encounter is an opportunity for the holy. Yet, violence and injustice tear at the fabric that binds us together, and we struggle to find both the words and a way forward. 

In the readings from last Sunday, the words of the prophet Micah offer a path: Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. Go. Love. Move. Each and every one of us has an opportunity, each and every day, to be bearers of the light. And, as people of faith, even in the midst of so much loss both in our own communities and beyond, we cannot lose hope. We must practice this care, even when the path forward seems impassable. It is hard, and certainly, at times it may seem hopeless. But our God who gives us breath and life will not forsake us. 

So, my friends in Christ, my prayers stand with you. In our faith journey may we continually seek and serve our God who calls us to the light. May we not lose heart. May we always find a way forward. And may Christ strengthen us for the journey, for there is work to be done, healing to enact, and love to be shared.

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