Dear Friends,

I hope all of you are finding ways to refresh your lives this summer. With all we have been through, it is important for us to step back a bit and inhale deeply a breath of sustenance.

No doubt you have heard the rising numbers of the Delta variant of COVID19. While we have made great strides, we are not out of the woods. There are new areas of concern. Therefore, I want to revisit some protocols.

We suggest (not mandating) wearing masks in church, especially if you are:
a. over 65 years of age
b. under 12 years of age
c. have never been vaccinated

The previous guidelines will continue in place. Please review them. You may find them on the EDOLA website.

I want to strongly encourage all members of the Diocese, if you have not, to get vaccinated. Studies show being vaccinated is our best defense against COVID. Our goal is to care for one another. Let us all do our part in caring for our neighbor.


The Rt. Rev. Morris K. Thompson, Jr.
Bishop of Louisiana