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We have now entered Jerusalem.  The streets are lined with people who have come for various reasons.  Some want to see this magic worker and perhaps be rid of their malady, while others are politically inclined, wanting to size up this man who is causing so much anxiety among the leaders of the Jews.  Others just like to attend the party.  Whatever the reasons for shouting hosanna, the day is filled with commotion.  In the first several chapters of this week’s reading Jesus is being peppered with questions from the religious leaders.  Jesus, tell us by what authority do you do these things…Jesus, is it lawful for us to pay taxes…Jesus….?  They want to trap him anyway they possibly can.  They want him to be guilty in front of everyone so the public can see him for who they want him to be.  But that is not what Jesus is or about.  Be alert at all times Jesus tells those who want to be near him.

What do we make of Jesus’ claim to wash the feet of our neighbor?  What do we make of this Jesus who hangs on a cross and won’t fight back either with sword or words?  Why give up easily into the hands of the enemy? We are in Holy Week.  Jesus possesses all the strength in the world and yet is humble and willing to be led to the cross of shame and powerlessness. What does this mean for you?  Are you willing to follow obediently in the footsteps of Jesus?   Can you turn your face away from the calls of the world, your rights and prestiges of life?  Can you be reborn in the form of our Savior?  These are the questions that come at the end of the Gospel of Luke.

I hope you have enjoyed these devotionals during Lent.  Keep reading scripture and praying daily.  Our souls are nurtured through prayer and scripture.  We love more deeply when in prayer and scripture.  And we live in the presence of the Christ.


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