The Gaudet Committee announces the awarding of 18 community grants for the 2022 program year. The Gaudet Community Grant provides funding for not-for-profit agencies that create, manage, and expand educational opportunities for African-American children within the Diocese of Louisiana. The total amount awarded this year is $115,006.

The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is proud to honor the legacy of Mrs. Frances Joseph Gaudet, a turn-of-the-century educator and activist. Mrs. Gaudet had the wisdom to leave her trust to the Episcopal Church in such a way that her mission would continue to find new ways of expression in changing times. Mrs. Gaudet dedicated her life to building alliances with people of every race and class. The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is committed to keeping her purpose alive.

The 2022 Gaudet Community Grant recipients are:

Anna’s Place NOLA

Anna’s Place NOLA after School and Saturday and Arts Academic Program’s goal is to integrate academics with art enrichment and healthy lifestyle choices drawing together the education, arts and medical aspects of our work for children of Tremè and the Seventh Ward. The After-school program includes an ethics and morals education program called Learning for Life (developed by the Boy Scouts of America; homework assistance; reading tutoring with Sylvan Learning, STAIR (Start the Adventure in Reading), and individual tutor STEM classes with the Electric Girls and NOLA Code programs and Microsoft Store; field trips to the N.O. Museum of Art and Loyola Biology department labs. The Saturday Kids’ Program focus is on the arts and includes instrumental music lesson therapy; music introduction/music theory; social skills (following Boy Scouts of America’s Learning for Life curriculum); dance (led by a local dance artist); drumming; vocal music, and healthy lifestyle education (gardening, nutrition, and yoga). Funding will be used to support tutoring, social-emotional classes, and art classes, skill building/professional development, and providing hot , healthy meals for students every day that classes are in session (Award amount $14,730).

The second grant awarded to Anna’s Place NOLA is for the summer camp program. Anna’s Place NOLA summer camp program offers academic enrichment activities to promote continued learning. These activities will include a reading tutoring program with Sylvan Learning and/or the STAIR program, and STEM classes in collaboration with the Electric Girls, NOLA Code and/or the Microsoft Store. Activities in arts such as instrumental music lessons by LPO or other professional musicians, visual arts lessons (led by a local artist), music therapy, music introduction/music theory, dance (led by a local dance artist), drum and vocal music ensembles. Social skills development classes follow the Boy Scouts of Americas Learning for Life curriculum focusing on morals and ethics, and healthy lifestyle education (gardening, nutrition, and/or health classes), field trips or presentations from local organizations and swimming lessons. Gaudet funds will be used to support full-time staff who coordinate all aspects of the program, local artist instructors, and transportation costs.  (Award amount $14,730)

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Arts Council of Pointe Coupee

The Arts Council of Pointe Coupee provides visual arts instruction for the students at the STEM Magnet Academy of Pointe Coupee through the Learning Life Lessons Through Arts Program. Grant funds will be used for the Art on the Go summer camp to provide art materials and compensation for the workshop facilitator. (Award amount: $3,000)

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Educare New Orleans (ENO) provides high-quality, evidence-based early childhood education to economically disadvantaged students. ENO’s mission is to enable students to begin kindergarten on grade with their peers from more affluent households. ENO is a full-day, year-round school serving 168 students ages 6 weeks to 5 years old in Orleans Parish. Gaudet funds will be used to maintain a low student/teacher ratio in each classroom during the programmatic year. (Award amount: $7,365)

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Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education (Sci High)

The Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education (Sci High) is dedicated to providing critical resources for innovative STEM education and workforce development to ensure that every New Orleanian can contribute to our wellbeing and innovation through the tools of math and science. Sci High is expanding its summer program: STEP: Summer Tutoring and Enrichment Program to address unfinished learning while also providing students with additional opportunities for academic growth during the summer months. Gaudet funds will be used to purchase course materials, pay for teacher stipends, and cover some of the costs of student transportation. (Award amount $7,365)

Grow Dat Youth Farm

The Grow Dat Youth Farm’s mission is to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through the meaningful work of growing food. Grow Dat offers stipends to high school students through leadership programs. Participants come to the farm in the afternoons and Saturday to grow, harvest, sell, donate, and cook healthy food on the sustainable farm located in the New Orleans City Park. Gaudet funds will be used for youth stipends, transportation costs, and educational supplies for leadership programs. (Award amount $7,365)

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Kid’s Orchestra

The Kid’s Orchestra brings quality and affordable afterschool music and academic enrichment programs for all K-5 students across all socio-economic backgrounds from partner schools in East Baton Rouge Parish. Program components include quality music instruction, homework assistance, tutoring, and opportunities to perform in a children’s orchestra. Gaudet funds will be used in the “Pathways to Success Program” allowing students to receive affordable music lessons and other types of educational and social support. (Award amount $11,048)

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Kingsley House

Kingsley House envisions a city and region where all young children are ready to succeed and all citizens are healthy and economically stable. Since 1896, Kingsley House has provided education and advocacy on issues affecting children, families, seniors, and the community. Gaudet funds will support the Kingsley House Summer Camp, providing campers between the ages of five to twelve with recreation and academic enrichment. (Award amount $7,365)

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Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (LCCR) connects New Orleans most vulnerable children- young people who fall into the juvenile justice system- with educational opportunities. Gaudet funds will partially support two education advocate staff positions working with the LCCR’s Right to Learn Project, a program that addresses the need of the children by aiming to keep youth in school, increase the graduation rate, and reduce the likelihood of becoming further involved in the justice system.  Gaudet funds will partially support two education advocate staff positions. (Award amount: $3,683)

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New Orleans Ballet Association

New Orleans Ballet Association (NOBA) is dedicated to its core mission of participating in larger public responsibilities that support and help build the community through accessible arts programs. In 1992, NOBA joined forces with the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORD) to form the Center for Dance (CFD), a youth development program that empowers at-risk youth through the arts. The Preparatory Program (PP) is recognized for its best practices and innovative strategies that consistently improve the lives of youth through the development of key skills that enable them to excel at dance, school, and life. Through NOBA’s extensive tuition-free, sequentially-based programs (ballet-based curriculum supplemented with modern, jazz, and hip hop; fall and spring semesters with June Twilight classes continuing the curriculum during the summer), hundreds of youth enter the doors of neighborhood centers each week with a clear path to acquire the training/skills needed to pursue a career in dance or other fields. Gaudet funds will be used to support teaching artists’ fees for the tuition-free Preparatory Program (PP) of the NOBA Center for Dance. (Amount awarded: $3,683)

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New Orleans Family Justice Alliance Inc

New Orleans Family Justice Center is a partnership of agencies dedicated to ending family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking through prevention and coordinated response by providing comprehensive client-centered, empowerment services in a single location. Justice Alliance (NOFJA) provides a range of free services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking and child abuse in the Greater New Orleans area. Gaudet funds will be used to fund services for youth and teens that address their specific developmental needs and interests. (Amount awarded $7,365).

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Rooted Ones

Rooted Ones’ Mentoring program is designed to serve male youth aged 13-21 years, with particular attention paid to recruiting those from socioeconomically-disadvantaged backgrounds and those who are at higher risk of involvement in the carceral system, including those who have already been incarcerated. Rooted Ones is dedicated to restoring hope among young men as an action-based mentoring organization. Rooted Ones creates a community rooted together to support and uplift our young men to stay in school, out of prison, and away from violence. We aim to improve academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence, and avoidance of at-risk behavior by providing a mentor who is able to help youth achieve their goals. Gaudet funds will be used to recruit and train mentors. (Award amount: $3,683)

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Son of a Saint

Son of a Saint exists to transform the lives of fatherless boys through mentorship, emotional support, development of life skills, exposure to constructive experiences, and formation of positive, lasting peer-to-peer relationships. Son of a Saint takes a holistic, individualized, and evidence-based approach to addressing fatherlessness. A major component of our programming centers on the intersection of mental health, education, and mentorship. Students with mental health diagnoses and learning disorders are more likely to face suspension and expulsion and are less likely to graduate high school than their peers.  Gaudet funds will be used to support operational costs associated with the wrap-around services including mental health counseling, educational support, and nutrition education. (Award amount: $7,365)

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Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR)

Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) is a children’s literacy program that provides free one-on-one tutoring in reading and language skills to lower elementary public school students at risk of failing. Gaudet funds are to be used to support the one-on-one tutoring program. (Award amount $2,210)

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Teaching Responsible Earth Education (T.R.E.E.)

T.R.E.E.’s mission is to educate children and adults about the life science processes that govern our planet, to inspire them to appreciate the natural world, and to motivate them to protect it.  Annually from September through May, T.R.E.E. educators provide comprehensive science learning experiences for elementary and middle school students. Programs are in line with their academic and developmental needs and are conducted in outdoor, forested “classrooms” and additionally, more recently on school campuses. Gaudet funds will be used to implement the Earthkeepers curriculum, a collaboration with classroom teachers to provide 4th-grade students with life science and environmental education experiences. (Award amount $3,683)

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Trinity Educational Enrichment Program (TEEP)

The Trinity Educational Enrichment Program (TEEP) is a summer educational program for 5th and 6th graders, as well as pre-K children, from at-risk, and/or disadvantaged homes. Campers receive breakfast and hot lunch daily, and attend classes taught by certified instructors in science, math, art, music, and language arts. Afternoon activities include guest speakers, field trips, swimming lessons, and other organized recreation such as dance and drama. Gaudet funds will be used for program expenses. (Award amount $3,000)

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Ubuntu Village NOLA

Ubuntu Village NOLA works to deliver transformational justice to youth and families impacted by the juvenile justice system. Ubuntu Village NOLA provides mentoring to young people aimed at increasing self-confidence and self-reflection, improving family/community support, planning for re-entry, and educational and occupational goal-setting. Gaudet funds will be used for the Parent Leader Educator Action (PLEA) program which seeks to build the understanding of parents and youth concerning the juvenile justice system. Funding will pay for the part-time salaries of parent navigators. (Amount awarded $7,365)

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Upturn Arts

Upturn Arts is a non-profit art organization providing outreach and support services to at-risk children through art education. Upturn Arts provides arts education classes in dance, music, visual arts and theater.Gaudet funds will provide scholarships to children from low-income families to attend a 12-week summer camp. (Award amount $3,683)

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