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This is my 3rd General Convention. I feel like I’m almost an old pro. But this convention feels different than others. Perhaps its the fact that it is held in a town I know very well. But perhaps there is also something different in the air. This year, we are not totally torn asunder by the question of marriage equality.  Although I listened to many people tonight testifying about why we should be “inclusive” of conservative Episcopalians, the vitriol and sheer hatred that has been present in the past two conventions is gone. Instead I see more people who are my age. Perhaps it’s that I’m older, but it seems like this convention has more people who weren’t alive during the Vietnam Protests than before. It is a strange realization to see this here.

All that said, As a Shepherd of the EPF Delegation who will be posting over the next 8 days, I am proud of what they have already accomplished and excited to see where they will go, well beyond this convention. But each one of us is here because we love the Episcopal Church. We want to be able to share that love far and wide by making this world, and the Episcopal Church, a place that addresses real issues of injustice and suffering. Until we acknowledge the pain and tragedy in this world we cannot begin to heal it. The Episcopal Peace Fellowship is waging the gospel of peace to continue pushing Episcopalians and the Episcopal Church to fully live in to the baptismal covenant “to strive for justice and peace.”

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