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Convention is rapidly winding down. As of press time, there are about 138 resolutions left to go! In the end, there were just over 500 resolutions brought to General Convention 79, so while a great many have been worked through, there are still quite a few to go, and not a lot of time left to do the work in. What happens when the clock runs out? Well, resolutions die and that’s the end of it.

Many of the resolutions I’ve been following since July 4th (the first day of hearings, which feels like it was so, so long ago) have had favorable outcomes. Marriage for the whole church has finally passed both houses without further amendments as of this morning, there are some trial use expansive language edits of Rite II Eucharistic Prayers A, B, and D, and support for transgender people in the church has been overwhelming. We are making strong moves when it comes to protecting women, assigned female at birth non-binary people, and others who disproportionately experience sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. This morning, more resolutions seeking to dismantle white supremacy have passed the House of Deputies.

One of the criticisms I’ve seen of General Convention is that too many people come for social justice and not enough for Jesus. I’d argue that social justice vs. Jesus is a false dichotomy, that Jesus was the first social justice activist. He spoke for the disabled, the poor, women, and other marginalized groups. As victim of the criminal justice system of a corrupt empire, Jesus welcomed another criminal to enter Paradise with him before anyone else. God has lifted up the lowly, indeed. It is because of my commitment to Jesus, to the life of speaking truth to power he led, that I felt moved to come speak my own truth to power at Convention. I am beyond grateful for the support of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship and everyone who donated to my fundraising campaign to get me here. I have had an incredible experience that I will be processing for quite some time.

I hope to be writing to y’all again next time we convene, in 2021 in Baltimore.

– Rowan

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