St. Martin’s Episcopal School Trustees

The Board of Trustees of each such Diocesan School shall be made up of persons residing in the community where the school is located, who shall be elected by The Convention on the nomination of The Bishop, at least two-thirds of whom shall be confirmed Communicants in good standing of the Church in this Diocese. The Bishop and one clergy member of the Episcopal Church serving on the Board of Trustees of each Diocesan school shall be on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of such Diocesan School. (Canon 30.2)

Class of 2017-2020
  • Patrick Comer, Vice Chair *
  • Kelly Duncan *
  • Perry Eastman *
  • Stephen Huber, Past-Chair
  • Lewis Kahn
  • Michael Nicoladis, Secretary
  • Ana Ortego, Chair  *
  • Walker Saik, Treasurer
  • The Rev. Fred Devall *


Class of 2018-2021
  • Elisabeth Armstrong *
  • Bruce Parkerson *
  • Dorothy Nelson *


Class of 2019-2022
  • Charles Cranford
  • Peyton Pettit Greene *
  • Bertrand Wilson
  • Amy Goodman *


* Episcopalian



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