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Church Overview
St. James is a vibrant downtown congregation just blocks from the state capitol building and less than ten minutes from the Louisiana State University campus. Over the years, St. James has been instrumental in the formation of many ministries in Baton Rouge. St. James is also known in the community for our prestigious day school (Age 18 month to 5th Grade).

Position Overview
St. James seeks candidates for Senior Associate Rector. The Senior Associate partners directly with the Rector to implement the ministries of the parish and serves as a co-chaplain to the day school. The Senior Associate will take an executive role with the Rector in overall leadership, visioning, planning, and execution of the church’s various ministries.

Duties and Responsibilities
• The Senior Associate will partner with the Rector in strategic planning regarding ministries.
• The Senior Associate will regularly attend vestry meetings and retreats, working closely with the vestry to connect their vision with the work of the Program Staff.
• The Senior Associate will ensure the coordination of all school liturgies, serve as part of the executive team of the day school, and advise the Board of Trustees.
• With other members of the clergy staff, the Senior Associate will participate in the regular liturgical, pastoral, and ministry life of St. James including but not limited to preaching, officiating, teaching, pastoral care, hospital visits, etc.
• The Senior Associate will oversee formation, parish life, and outreach ministries.
• The Senior Associate will work with the Rector and Business Manager to set a vision and plan for the operation of the parish with clear lines of responsibility.
• In the absence of the Rector, the Senior Associate will assume management and authority of the day-to-day ministries of the parish.
• The Senior Associate will serve on at least one board at which St. James has an ex officio seat.

We are Seeking
• A faithful, compassionate priest of the Episcopal Church
• An individual committed to the goals of the parish as regularly set by the vestry
• An excellent preacher, teacher, and writer to both adults and children
• A collaborative spirit that is skillful at recruiting, equipping, and coordinating volunteers
• A dependable, energetic individual with high standards of excellence

To Apply
If you feel a call to this position, then please send a cover letter, resume, and full OTM profile to The Rev. Chris Duncan at 205 N. 4th St., Baton Rouge, LA 70801 or by Sunday, March 22, 2020.

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