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Within the past few days here a lot has happened. On Saturday morning I testified three times on policy regarding migrant children and their families. These issues are the primary reason I am here. Later in the day a few of us attended the Revival Worship. It was a great service and those of who attended agreed that the translator at that service deserved a medal for keeping up with PB Curry. Afterwards, the group of us bonded over tacos and promptly went to bed.

Monday the delegation assisted with the Bishops Against Gun Violence rally before going to the T. Don Hutto Detention Center. The event brought out many mixed emotions for us. For me, it felt like a call to action and a reminder to continue working with the many students within my classroom who may be facing deportation. Later in the evening, a few of us went to the Integrity Eucharist where we had the honor of meeting Presiding Bishop Michael Curry before the service.

Yesterday, I spent a significant portion of the day at the EPF booth. There were several interesting speakers.

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