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July 5, 2018

Today was the first “official” day of Convention, despite the fact that we’ve been here three days now. I’m still learning my way around how Convention works — namely, how to pace my activities so I don’t find myself exhausted at four pm with things left to do.

Still, it’s an amazing experience so far. I’ve testified on gun violence as a public health issue, heard testimonies on support for the Iran nuclear deal and the Episcopal presence at the UN, and attended a panel on race in the communion. The sheer volume of things to do and issues to discuss can get overwhelming at times, but they can also be extremely fulfilling, so it’s difficult to not want to go to all of them. It’s easy to overreach, and more difficult to hold back knowing that it’s also important to take time for yourself to just process and to be. I’m looking forward to testifying tomorrow on Israel-Palestine resolutions, and to the rest of Convention — more updates to come soon!

– Katrina

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