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  • Greetings from Austin, TX and the Episcopal Peace Fellowship 2018 General Convention Young Adult Delegation!

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship has a long and rich history of helping Episcopalians and all Christians live into our baptismal identity as people of peace and justice.

Part of that work during the ten or eleven days of General Convention is enabling the leadership of young adults to take their (our!) place in the councils of the Church. The EPF Young Adult Delegation brings together a group of young adults to work, live, and worship together while the General Convention is in session.

Eight young adults (18-30) from more than five dioceses have descended upon Austin, Texas to represent the Episcopal Peace Fellowship at the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Our work while here in Austin is to offer and empower prophetic voices in the Church. In particular, our work is to help Bishops and Deputies as they sit in committees and task forces; write, propose, and discuss legislation; and eventually vote on resolutions which will influence our collective life together as Christians.

Each of the eight of us are tracking various justice-related issues: racial reconciliation and healing, gun violence, immigration rights, divestments and ethical spending, human trafficking, sexism and sexual assault, prayer book revision, and international policy.

Look to this space for updates throughout the next several days from each of us. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter (@epfnational) as we each take over the feed for a day.

In the meantime, hold us and the whole General Convention in your prayers. We’ll do the same!

Peace to you and those you love,



Cody Maynus is a member of the 2018 Episcopal Peace Fellowship Young Adult Delegation. He is the Community Engagement Coordinator at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Minneapolis, MN; a postulant for priesthood in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota; and a member of the Benedictine Way, a Benedictine monastic community in the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska.




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