Diocesan Youth Leadership Committee (DYLC)

The DYLC is a committee for all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and is responsible for working with the Diocesan Youth Coordinator to help prepare for diocesan youth events, design the event T-shirts, lead small groups and free choices and assist with Christian Formation times, as well as be strong role models for the diocesan youth. Along with the youth positions, there are also positions available for a select number adults and young adults (ages 18-21) who would like to be a part of the DYLC. The DYLC term coincides with the academic year. 


The Rev. Canon John A. Kellogg

Diocesan Youth Event Coordinator 

The Rev. JaneAllison Wiggin-Nettles, Trinity New Orleans 

Members of the Diocesan Youth Leadership Committee



Caroline Ahrons
Renee Angerer 
Izzy Bartholomew 
Abbie Beck
Collin Jacks
Louise Mullett
MJ Nettles
Zelie Rose 
Sarah Scarlato
Ellie Shoemaker
Merritt Tompkins 


Blake Burns (Christ Church Covington) 
The Rev. Liz Embler-Beazley (St. Paul’s New Orleans) 
Deanna Lowe (St. Phillip’s New Orleans)
Haley Schroeck (St. James Baton Rouge)
James Post (St. George’s New Orleans)


1623 Seventh Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: (504) 895-6634
Fax: (504) 208-3511

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