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Diocesan Youth Leadership Committee (DYLC)

The Focus of the Diocesan Youth Leadership Committee

  • To create systems and infrastructure to ensure the diocesan youth retreats’ long-term growth and effectiveness.
  • To ensure that the diocesan youth retreats clearly and compellingly communicates its priorities and programs, especially to the diocesan leadership and the churches in the diocese.
  • To provide creative troubleshooting and support when obstacles to the work of the DYLC arise.

Our Mission

The youth retreats of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana, through the power of the Holy Spirit, welcome, engage, connect, and encourage all youth to grow deeper in relationship with themselves, Jesus, and others.


Diocesan Youth Event Coordinator

The Rev. JaneAllison Wiggin (St. Luke’s, New Orleans)


  • Blake Burns

  • Darryl Durham

  • The Rev. Liz Embler-Beazley

  • The Rev. Gina Jenkins


  • Meghan Scarlato


  • The Rev. Peter Wong


Youth Members of the DYLC

If you are interested in being a youth member of the DYLC, start by attending youth events and applying to staff youth events. The 2022-2023 is a rebuilding year for youth members of the DYLC. Applications are available here. 


Youth DYLC members are in grades 9-12, active in their local church, and commit to upholding diocesan youth ministry in their prayers and volunteer service.


Youth DYLC members meet online via Zoom approximately once a month to pray, brainstorm, and plan. 


Youth DYLC members have the recommendation of the Diocesan Youth Coordinator, a member of their clergy, or youth minister, to actively contribute to the planning and staffing of diocesan youth events.


Youth DYLC members must be current in Safe Church, Safe Communities training appropriate for their age. 

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