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Committee on Constitution & Canons

There shall be a Committee on Constitution and Canons composed of members of the clergy and laity, together with the Chancellor, Ex-Officio, which shall be a standing committee with the power to sit between sessions of The Convention. The Committee shall be appointed by The Bishop at Convention in such number as he from time to time may designate. Each appointed member shall serve for three years and through the three Conventions next succeeding the one at which he is appointed.

The Committee on Constitution and Canons shall consider and report upon all proposed amendments and additions to the Constitution and Canons of this Diocese. As soon as possible after the adjournment of any session of General Convention, the Committee on Constitution and Canons shall ascertain what changes have been made in the Canons of The Episcopal Church and shall report to the next succeeding Diocesan Convention whether any amendment to the Diocesan Constitution or Canons may be required to conform to the Canons of The Episcopal Church as altered. (Canon 10)

Class of 2020-2023

  • The Rev. John Craft (Chapel of the Holy Comforter, New Orleans)
  • Mary Tharp, Vice Chair (St. Luke’s, Baton Rouge)
  • Marsha Wade (St. James, Baton Rouge) 


  • Chancellor: Cove Geary


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