Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Louisiana consists of four lay members and four clergy members of the diocese elected by The Convention and authorized by the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church.

The process for the election of the 12th Bishop of Louisiana shall be determined by the Standing Committee and Executive Board. The consultant and Search and Transition Committees are accountable to the Standing Committee. 

Members of the Standing Committee

Class of 2018-2022

  • The Rev. John Sloan Miller (Church of the Holy Communion, Plaquemine)
  • Fred McCullogh (St. Mark’s, Harvey)

Class of 2019-2023

  • The Rev. Morgan MacIntire (Christ Church, Covington)
  • Jennifer Johnson (Trinity Church, Baton Rouge)

Class of 2020-2024

  • The Rev. Bobby Hadzor (Trinity Church, New Orleans)
  • Alfonso Martinez (St. Michael’s, Mandeville)

Class of 2021-2025

  • The Rev. Dr. Drew Harmon (St. James, Baton Rouge)
  • Dr. Julie Parrish (St. Margaret’s, Baton Rouge)

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