What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a method of supporting and encouraging our lives as Christians.  It is an opportunity to grow in faith.  A chance to experience the love and grace of God and the joy of Christian fellowship.  A way of building a continuing Christian Community and to help one another on our spiritual journey. Cursillo is for anyone who is curious, searching, discovering, growing, and wanting to be glad and confident in their faith.

What to Expect on a Cursillo Weekend

It is three days at the beautiful Solomon Episcopal Conference Center in Loranger, Louisiana. It begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon.  During these three days, those attending live and work together, listening to talks given by different people, lay and clergy. The talks are on Ideals, Grace, Obstacles to Grace, the Life of Prayer, study, action, lay people in the Church, Sacraments, and the Christian Community.  The talks lead to lively discussion in small groups. Learning, praying, sharing, singing, laughing and experiencing this time together is the basis for discovering what it means to say, “We are the Body of Christ.”


Upcoming Cursillos Weekends

The next Cursillo (#148) has not been scheduled yet. Go to the Cursillo webpage to sign up for announcements about upcoming weekends and download candidate registration and staff application forms.


More Information

More information can be found by visiting the Cursillo Louisiana website or the National Episcopal Cursillo website or by contacting a member of the Cursillo Secretariat.

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